SAP surface:



Plasma Treatment

The presence of a machined surface in combination with micro threads, allows to reduce the risk of developing peri-implantitis without compromising the stability of marginal bone levels.

The minimally-rough surface and micro geometry of the implant body are achieved by sand blasting with small grit of pure Al2O3, followed by a triple acid treatment. This roughness allows to accelerate the osteointegration process.

The treatment with Plasma Argon, done before the process of gamma sterilization, allows for elimination of any organic residues on the implant surface and the adherent endotoxins. The only Gamma Ray sterilization treatment is able to kill the cellular components but it’s not capable of removing their structure and this could trigger inflammatory reactions by the host tissue.

3D Designing


SAP Analysys


All surface treatments are developed and made in our factory, following severe protocols and certified quality control.

Precise Milling

Dimensional Check


Surface Checking

Implant Surface Identification Standard (ISIS)

A codification system developed by Dohan et al.* for the chemical and morphological characterization of dental implant surfaces. Following the Dohan protocol and using the same type of analysis (performed by an external independent laboratory) we compared the surface of Axelmed® Paradigma® with those of the main implant brands worldwide.

*David M. Dohan Ehrenfest et al.

ISIS identification cards of 62 implant surfaces. Part 1 – POSEIDO. 2014;2(1) 7


In particular it’s important to take into account:

• the percentage of pollution and contamination present on the surface (Bar Chart A).

• the percentage of free exposed titanium on the surface (Bar Chart B).