Axelmed Dental Clinic

In our own dental clinic in Milan we test all our products directly and we research new solutions to improve safety, features, ergonomics, esthetic. All devices  of our implant line are studied, developed and deeply tested on real clinical cases before production and release on market.

We care all details of our implant system and we test each component every day to avoid even the smallest complications to our dentist colleagues. The Axelmed Dental Clinic is also used as training center for our distributors’ specialists and clinicians.

Axelmed Dental Laboratory

In our own dental laboratory we developed and we test all the prosthetic products of the Axelmed Implant System. We care all different aspects concerning esthetic and functionality of the prosthetic restoration following the entire rehabilitation process, from the impression to the cementation.

In our internal cad-cam division we have CAD design digital stations and CAM-CNC milling systems to allow the use of modern materials as zirconia, new fibers and composites, etc. in association with the Axelmed Abutments and prosthetic products.